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Ksk t'fu?

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1: bjr

2: lut, sava?

1: oué…Koi29

2: ras…auj G1id2kdo

1: keske?

2: C cho che moi… ksk tu pense dl plage? v1

2: dps ya 1 fete ché j1, tlm ve

1: chnpupas,

2: pkoi? toqp? Ksk t’fu?

1: oué, chu OQP, g bcp dtrvai

2: dak…dsl

1: je ve trvlé tu le fds…cm tjrs, j X…spe…

1: ok, re….snif prske g oc bcp dlr e jks vrman…jenemar

2: savapa? tok?

1: cpg

2: qs k1 pu fr?

1: ri1…L’s tomB

2: dak…entk…gspr k sava b1

1: mr6…A+

2: ok, alp…

Just for fun…
(hint, hint…)

Written by tonybaldwin

June 20, 2008 at 10:50 am

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