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Incidentally, I neglected to mention that after my weekend escapades weeding the garden, and washing all the windows, etc., I seem to have inflamed my sciatica, or whatever that crap is.
Ever since an unfortunate incident while hauling around wheelbarrows full of mud while working part time in the greenhouses for the aquatic botany lab at my first undergrad university, I have had a serious issue with my back.
I can go years without a problem, but, then, suddenly, I will twist the wrong way, or lift something in a questionable manner, and end up bedridden for days, unable to move without sharp, stabbing pains in my lower back and arse-end.
Happened again.
Now, I don’t have health insurance, as some of you may recall my whining earlier, so, I don’t seek medical attention unless I’m losing blood at an alamring rate, or lose a limb, or something. Even being diabetic, I have not consulted with a physician in about 5 years, or so..(diet and exercise…).
But, this time, the Mrs. insisted on taking me to a chiropractor.
He gave me electrica shocks, froze the hell out of me with ice packs, and used some jackhammer thingy on my back.
I did feel a little better for a while…
Then he mentions some $300 orthotic, or something.
I was supposed to go back yesterday, but, I did not.
I don’t know how my wife expects me to pay for this service, anyway.
I finally got my taxes back from the accountant, and have learned that I now have a lovely $9000 tax debt.
For years I was dirt poor, and fell into debt working as a public school teacher.
The minute I find something else to do and actually gather enough clams to enter the middle class, the government wants to rape me with a chain saw.
I have determined that there simply is no way to get ahead in this world, unless you start out ahead.
It IS true…the rich get richer, and the poor take it in the back door…
I started life the son of a dirt poor farm laborer, and will likely die a pauper as well, and all my education and untold hours of slavish laborings and lost sleep won’t make a damned bit of a difference.
Doesn’t matter what I do.
I’ve worked something like 18 hours a day 7 days a week for two years building this company, have nothing in the bank, and, after paying off $7000 grand in old debts, now have a $9000 new debt.
Two steps forward, 3 back…and, I’m getting tired.
And my arse hurts.


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June 19, 2008 at 10:36 am

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