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I’m posting from the Opera web browser.

I just figured I’d try it out…I kind of like it, although, it is not FREE.
I mean, it is free, as in beer, but not FREE as in speech.
But, it’s quick n slick and groOvy, and does have some nice features.

I will likely stick with FF3, though, since I prefer FREE, and, so far, I think it’s easier to manage certain features, like bookmarks, and stuff.
The Opera mail tool is decent, I suppose, too, but, I definitely prefer my Thunderbird, with Lightning calendar extension. I’d be lost without the Lightning calendar…Srsly.

I mean, it’s not like I don’t have numerous options for web browsers.
I was a die-hard old-timey Moz guy until just this past year when I moved to FF and T-bird, but, I still like Seamonkey, which arose from the ashes of the Moz Suite.
And, there’s Konqueror, which is a decent browser, too, although, I detest the mail options that come with KDE (Kontact, Kmail…blech…). Of course, Konq can be made to play with Tbird, anyway, or any other mail client, but, somehow, having things work together that were made to integrate seems more consistent to me (thus my loyalty to the whole Moz suite for so long).

And there’s Dillo, Galeon, Hv3, and dozens of other browsers.

At the moment, I am quite happy with FF3 and T-bird, with the sole exception that FF can’t find my durned JavaRE…WTF?
Isn’t FF now written in Java? Or am I wrong about that…
Konqueror and Opera can find and use Java on my system, but none of the Moz products (I currently have both FF and Seamonkey installed) can.
I’ve followed all the instructions on the Moz forums and everywhere, and it doesn’t work…I don’t know why…
So, if I want to use a java chat (rare) or any such thing, I usually load up Konq. Now I have Opera as an option….If I can tolerate the non-FREE-ness of it long enough to keep it installed…Which I likely won’t…
At the moment, the only other non-FREE application on my system is Adobe Reader, and I only keep that around because it’s the quick-n-easiest tool for converting pdf to text, and filling out pdf forms.
I have other pdf readers, and creators, and manipulators, though…Maybe I’ll dump Adobe, too…
I don’t know.


Opera runs Java fine, with which my mozilla products are having difficulty, but,
opera will not play mpg videos and other media that the mozplugger handles in moz.
Konqueror manages all of that stuff nicely…Maybe I should just think of using Konq as my default browser…

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June 19, 2008 at 9:20 am

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