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Elite Financial Solutions in Florida = SCAM
and, Global Cash Card = SCAM

These companies are a scam.
They are collaborating with each other.
Elite Financial promised to assist you with debt reduction, then they sign you up for
a Global Cash Card, which begins to automatically deduct funds from your bank account
every month.
Elite Financial keeps a portion of these funds, and Global Cash Card then charges you $40
a month for the privilege of drawing your funds.
If you call and try to close the account, they give you the run around, and hang up on you.
These companies are theives, flat out.
Between the two of them, they’ve stolen nearly $2000 from me in three years, supposedly
to assist me in reducing my debts.
Can you explain to me how their theft of my money is supposed to get me out debt.

If I were a cracker, I would DoS their sites…


Written by tonybaldwin

June 18, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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