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I weeded the vegetable garden….
It was SO overgrown, that I had to completely remove some rows…stuff I had planted had really not grown, or been choked out by weeds…
What was salvaged:
Squash and
We will have LOTSO pumpkins.
The Great Pumpkin will surely bestow great gifts upon us this year.
My tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers were a lost cause, but, hey,
Jesus has lotso tomatoes and various forms of yummy Mexican peppers…
No te preocupas…
Vamos tenir pimientos, claro.

One bonus…there are wild grapes vines growing along the fence.
We will have wild grape jam or, even better…wild grape wine….Mmmmmm….

One serious bummer:
Every single sunflower I planted, as minhas girasols, were eaten by squirrels, or something.
They’re my favorite flower…
Even in the front of the house in my several flower gardens…nothing.
Not a single sunflower….
Nenhum girasol…Vou chorar….

I had to completely reclear, turn over, till, blah blah etc… about 60% of the vegetable garden.
I planted spinach….Lotso spinach.
Spinach is good.

The windows are clean.
I can see outside of my house!
I did not, as the Mrs. requested, scrub all the screens with a brush…sorry.
The windows were enough of a job. Trust me.
But, the windows are clean.
That took a long, long time….
All day.
I took out all storm windows and screens, went outside with my 5ft and 12ft step ladders
left over from my house painting days, and cleaned the main panes with a bucket of
industrial strength windex and a squeegee.
Then, I took each storm window pane into the bathroom and washed those in the tub with the same instruments.
Then I went around replacing the storms…uma confusão da nada…
Vodka and diet coke didn’t help…or, rather, made the job go by a lot more pleasantly.
As well as copious servings of ROCK EN ESPAÑOL!
Ah…the joys of being self-employed…
Now, of course, I have to completely mop the whole house.
I’ll do that tomorrow, before people come to play Munchking…If they come…
But, hey…I can see out the windows!
And I still have vodka! (mas, poco, tengo que buscar más vodka…)


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June 13, 2008 at 4:20 pm

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