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I ran all updates on my machine today, and it hosed my fluxbox menu, so I had to reconstruct it.
I had a back up…no problem.

It also hosed my gdm menu, so that, when logging in, I couldn’t log into fluxbox.
It kept going to KDE.
I had to go into /etc/X11 and do some surgery…
I got that squared away.

Something hosed my fluxbox slit, though, and I have not succeeded in amending that.
I log in, and my slit doesn’t come up.
I can start wmix by hand, and it comes up in the slit, but,
I can’t get gkrellm back in there.
I can start gkrellm, but it doesn’t go to the list (even with the -w option…it ignores that
option and starts up normally).

Got some nice new fluxbox themes.
I’ve mostly been making my own, because, when I first started using
fluxbox, most of those already available were butt-ugly…

I found some cool stuff while playing around in Synaptic, though.
The Songbird Media Player.
It’s pretty cool…useful for radio streams, anyway.

Allright…over and out…back to work…(yes, even on Sunday).

Written by tonybaldwin

May 4, 2008 at 2:55 pm

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