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I’m looking for a new home page, since, it appears, Yahoo, which I have used for some years now
as my home page, will soon belong to the BEAST of Redmond.

I considered, but it offers absolutely no user customization.
I considered netscrape, but, I’m no fan of AOL.
To tell the truth, AT&T can bite my arse, anyway, and Yahoo! and AT&T are currently
enmeshed….not sure who owns who or how that works, but, I was once happily an SNET (Souther New England Telephone)
customer, and then sbcglobal bought snet, and then yahoo bought sbcglobal, and then
AT&T somehow got in there, and that’s about the time I dumped them and moved everthing
over to comcast (except my home page…funny…it’s never occured to me to use the
portal as my home page…).
So, I’ve been looking around.

I found something pretty cool: (and, of course ).
It is a portal, much like, but, has far fewer annoying ads (like those darned java and flash ones
that pop-up over stuff you’re trying to read…in fact, they promise: no pop-ups, ever.)
Their default search is powered by, which is a good search engine, really, but, you can
also choose the search provider, from ask, google or yahoo (I set mine to google).
I like the fact that the layouts and pages design are quick simple, like yahoo was before
they started pusing the NEW my yahoo and mail options, etc., too.
Myway offers webmail with an interface very much like the old yahoo mail (including calendar and notepad, even),
or, you can change the mail link on your myway home page to point to any other webmail account, including
your gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, aol mail, etc. account (I pointed mine to my webmail acct).
You can edit your news preferences, choose the content you want, see your weather (provided by weatherbug),
get a free mail acct, movie listings, stock portfolio, sports scores, etc., etc., pretty well everything yahoo offers.
I can even see tv listings for my favorite TV channels (scifi, history, discovery, etc.) which it rss feeds
right from comcast, or something.
I confess, some of the options are limited, and despite the fact that they have broad choices for
colors and themes, many of them are a little ugly, but, I found a simple color them that I like.
They have fewer news sources, so, I can’t get news from sources all over the world in the four languages I speak,
as I could at yahoo, but, for most people that’s a non-issue.
Also, my myway home page, even with tons of news feeds on it, loads in about 1/10th of the time my yahoo page did.

So, for the moment, that’s what I’ve chosen. will, from this day forward, be my home page,
unless I can find one with more international options.
I might add, and in tabs, and bookmark all four as my home page.
I can do that in Firefox…a group of tabs for my home page…maybe…

Then again, I’m still thinking of exploring the options with google, since one can
build oneself a home page on google, too.
Gmail sucks, though, IMHO.

So, what’s your homepage?

my way


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May 3, 2008 at 1:15 am

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