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Well…Steve has decided to let Yahoo! go.
That’s fine.
I’ ve decided I won’t be returning to Yahoo! as my home page, anyway.
I really LIKE my simple, quick home page.
I will also be using my igoogle page extensively for
additional news and other features, as well.
I think it’s just nice to have a change, to tell the truth.
I really didn’t like the direction Yahoo! has been taking with increased nauseating
flashy, spinny, poppy, glitzy advertistements, and bloated features that take forever to load,
and always telling me I should “upgrade” to Internet Exploder (as if…).
It just seems hypocritcal, to me, that they have so many “windopes only” features
when their entire infrastructure is built on BSD, anyway, and, over and above all,
I felt great when I told AT&T where to stick it two years ago when I switched from Yahoo/SBCGlobal/AT&T
telephone and DSL service and came to
So…yahoo has been shuffled down in the bookmarks heirarchy.
I am relieved that they won’t be bought by M$, all the same, as, there are
features on Yahoo! that I do enjoy, such as Yahoo! groups and Y!Messenger.
So, I can still drop in and not feel like I’m an unwelcome visiter on foreign ground.
(Then again, I have an MSNMessenger account, too…the only M$ product
I actually do use…of course, I use it with Pidgin, no M$ software).
But, is groOvy, and, so is google, so, MyWay is set as my home page (first
thing to load when I open FF), and right at the top of my personal toolbar links is my igoogle
page (and google is my chosen search engine on my home page, and in FF,
too, anyway).


Written by tonybaldwin

May 3, 2008 at 10:21 pm

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