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My home page, my way My home page, my way

I’ve found that I can add any rss feed I want, so, my news offerings on my myway home page
are growing.
I’ve added slashdot, the register, and snopes’ urban legends.
Oddly, it seems to be having difficulty with some feeds ending in an xml extension,
but not all, since the snopes feed is thus.


I’d like to add some of the foreign news feeds I used to watch on yahoo, but, I’m having difficulty with that.
I’ve also built a quite news packed google page for myself, but, I won’t use it as a home page, because it’s
a bit slow on the uptake (or download).
I can search google from my myway page, anyway, but, I do have access to a lot more news from the
google page, at this point.

Also, here to your left, for your viewing pleasure, is a snapshot of my current myway home page (click to
see it a lot bigger).
Note that, aside from two google sponsored text links in one corner,
there are no other ads.
Pretty cool, huh?

Get your own myway:

(Nope…they’re not paying me to advertise their portal.
I’d just love to see people leak from yahoo and msn like air from
a punctured balloon, leaving them all kind of flat and limp, like…


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May 3, 2008 at 11:52 am

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