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There is an elderly gentleman who lives in the apartment above us.
I mean, he’s like 3 days older than dirt.
Most days he goes out on a bus to some senior center.

I don’t recall seeing him go out this morning, although I
do remember the bus stopping out front and beeping the horn.

At the moment, there is a strong odor of urine in my office,
and I can’t identify any source thereof from within our apartment.
The odor seems strong near the ceiling.
I don’t smell it in any other part of the house.
I recall hearing some banging (someone falling down?)
upstairs last night. (He is often quite noisy up there, and,
I was quite busy when I heard it, so, more or less, dismissed it).

Nobody is answering the door upstairs, but, that could be
because Maurice went out to the Sr. Center.

Now…like I said, I don’t recall seeing Maurice leave this morning,
but, at the same time, I was busy dealing with a client, and
barely got Rhianna off to school on time (she went out the
door about 5 minutes later than usual…usually, we see Maurice
out waiting for his bus when she goes out.
I didn’t see him, but, we were later than usual…

Now, I’ve have smelled an odor equal to this when in
the presence of the recently deceased, as death causes
the victim to release the contents of their bowels.

I am undecided whether I should call 911 right now,
or, wait to see if Maurice comes home on his bus this afternoon…

He has no family that I know of (never married, no children), and
I don’t have the slightest idea how to find this senior center to call
and ask if he is there.

What would you do?


I googled senior centers in the area and called the nearest one,
and, apparently, Maurice is there, today….
That’s a relief…
I had this image of him laying dead on the floor right above my head in a puddle
of his own juices, and, it really was not a pleasant image.

So…why does the house stink of urine?
It is decidely human urine, and not from my dog…
The odor, although it seems to come and go, when at its strongest,
is nearly unbearable.


Written by tonybaldwin

May 2, 2008 at 12:24 pm

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