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Não mexe com a bomba, ché!

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Aprendei tomar chimarrão com meu amigo gaucho, José.

I learned to drink Chimarrão (Yerba Mate) with my Gaucho friend, José.

But, I don’t have his skill in preparing the mixture in a cuia (gourd), and end up with
a green viscous mass and a bomba (straw-thingy) so clogged with pó you couldn’t drag a drop through
it with a Hoover.

One day José called, “What’s up, Boddy!” (He says it like that)

me: Tó tomando um chimarrão, ché (I’m drinkin’ maté, dude).
Mais, Ze, eu fiz na cafeteira, pode imaginar?
(But, José, I made it in the coffee maker, can you imagine?”

Zé: Ai pelamordedeus! só um gringo faz desse jeito…Fica ruim, ché!
(for the love of God, only a gringo would do such a thing…It sucks that way!)

I keep doing it like that, though.
Comes out fine, to my taste.
I also found Yerba Maté tea bags in the local hippy-love earth-friend grocery store.
Good stuff.

So, the health benefits of Yerba Mate:

Try some today!

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April 3, 2008 at 7:24 pm

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