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Oh yes, and since I did bring it up:

TODO for TransProCalc:

1) Round the darned financial figures to the nearest cent/hundredth
(that’s been on the todo list from the start, and I still, for the life of me, haven’t
figured it out…I could do it in Python, but not in tcl…No, I don’t want to port the whole
program to Python with Tkinter, either…)
2) Make the number of docs/providers/charges/expenses all user configurabe.
(Yesterday I rewrote the ProjectDocs and ProjectAssign windows for precisely this purpose,
the only problem being, I don’t know how to rewrite my math procs and reports to reflect the
user input value, so, I have to set all numerical vars to 0 and program the math procs to be
prepared for the max number of any of these, likewise, the reports…so, I figured out how
to make the GUI accomodate user input numbers of docs/providers, etc., but not the underlying
mathematics and report writing).

Heck…if I get those two things done, TransProCalc will move from version 0.7 straight to TPCalc_1.0.

Additionally, I suppose it would be nice of me to enable printing for hapless windopes users, and,
perhaps even accomodate Mac users better (since, at present, printing is done via the lpr command,
which, I think can be done in Mac, possibly with Fink, and Windows with Cygwin, but, native printing routines
for those platforms would be generous, although, I haven’t a clue about those platforms),
to truly make tpcalc fully cross-platform…


Written by tonybaldwin

March 28, 2008 at 7:09 pm

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