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For TickleText-
The find/replace is a little buggy, yet.
Replace All sometimes misses a few items.
Haven’t figured that out…
Also, I’ve got everything linked to a key binding, and
ctrl-c, ctrl-x and ctrl-v (copy, cut, paste) all seem to be built right in to tcl.
However, ctrl-a (select all), ctrl-z (undo) and ctrl-r (redo) are not, apparently,
so I want figure out how to get those working.
I’m also going to add a menu-button to comment out chunks of text.
I believe I can do that the same way I have it toggling line numbers, sort of
(only doing it for the selected text, and not all text as the line nos. do).
Of course, the line no. toggling could use some work.
At this point it just inserts the numbers at the beginning of the line, in the text, literally.
When you add lines, the numbering doesn’t keep up with that.
You have to toggle them off and on again.
And, since they’re actually in the text, you need to toggle them off before
saving a script, or they interfere with its functioning, of course.
Also, I will soon be getting it to actually save configurations,
such as the color theme, browser config, etc.
At this moment it save no configs, but, I have learned how to implement that
by having it write a config script and load it with uplevel.


Written by tonybaldwin

March 23, 2008 at 3:42 am

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