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Further developments on TPCalc

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I completely redesigned the main window/menubar.
Now, instead of a bar full of buttons with the calculator,
as you see here, you have a small box, with a drop-down menu,
and there is an image displayed.
I also added a fourth function, QuickE (not shown), for quick estimates.
This has not been uploaded to,
or the sourceforge site, yet.
I haven’t CVSed the code up, either.
As with TickleText, I’ve been hacking at this stuff without sharing the developments.
I suppose I should CVS them to the server, but since, to this point, not a single
soul has come on board these project, I just don’t see the point, and I will
upload my code/the finished product when I, either a) feel like it, or b) feel that
I have significant changes to warrant another release.
With TPCalc, I feel like this will happen when I can save/re-open projects,
for which I’m going to have to mess around with xml, Tdom, blah blah…parsing, whatever.
I’ve done some research and found resources, but haven’t yet started to play with that.
But, when I get save/open working here, I will feel quite satisified.
One caveat, however: TPCalc has developed to where it will not likely be fully cross-platform in the future.
Already it includes printing via lpr, which means “Linux”.
I was excited about releasing cross-platform software when I started this whole thing, but, at this juncture, since I am developing to meet my own needs, I suppose it’s a moot point.
I only use Linux.
Of course, anyone is more than welcome to jump aboard, and/or use the code I’ve written to
make tpcalc function on their platform, and/or create a similar program that does.
When I first released TPCalc, about 90% of users who downloaded it and started using it and e-mailed me to say, “Thanks” were using it on a popular, proprietary platform, the name of which I would rather not utter at this moment.
I haven’t heard from any Mac users, but, I believe more of what I’ve done here should work on Mac OS. I’m not exactly sure about the lpr printing, but, I think at the very least, that could be enabled with Fink. It’s been about 4 years since I messed around significantly with a Mac (I had an iBook at that time, but it was stolen).


Written by tonybaldwin

March 17, 2008 at 11:11 pm

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