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I have re-worked Tickle Text.

Now, the user can manipulate both background AND text color,
as well as font size. (I had briefly made the font, itself, configurable,
but had difficulty manipulating both font AND font size, and decided
that font size was more important. Default fonts are, in general readable).
All the color and size manipulation may be considered fluff to some, but,
for an old guy like me, it’s nice to not have to stare at 10pica black
text against a blaring white background.

I also embedded an xterm.
I suppose that means TickleText is no longer completely cross-platform.
To my knowledge, neither printing via lpr nor an embedded xterm
preclude its use on MacOS, but, I’m pretty sure the only way that’s
going to run on Windopes is with Cygwyn, or something.

I removed the tmx to txt conversion function, but, if anyone wants
that script, I’d be glad to share it.
I didn’t write the underlying script, there, but just gui-fied the original
bash script written by Martin Açaram.

Since it now has the terminal embedded, I removed both the “launch external program”
function, and the “terminal” button to launch xterm.

Here’s how she looks now:

If I could just figure out how to display line numbers, I would consider this a complete editor.
Well, I suppose syntax highlighting might be nice, too, but that’s a bit beyond me at this juncture.
Actually find/replace is a bit buggy.
It will find and tag/highlight all of a given string, and it will replace all,
but individually, it seems fickle.
I’m not sure what’s up with that.


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March 11, 2008 at 1:29 am

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