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I was going to lay off hacking for a day or two, but I just can’t help myself…
It’s like a disease, like crack…worse…like Doritos, even…

I wrote some more functions into TickleText,
including find/replace, and the addition of more file formats (.css, .xml, .sh, .c…),
and even made some minor aesthetic changes to the interface.
I tell you, if I could figure out how to get it to show line numbers,
and either have tabs (like medit), or a multiple doc pane (like kate or this, Tcl TextEdit),
I think it would have everything I want in an editor.
Of course, I downloaded that TclTextEdit and will rifle through the code to see if I can figure
out how to add that.
You can open multilpe texts, but you have to open multiple instances of TickleText.
Somehow I managed to get Thunar, my filemanager, to now choose TickleText as the default
text editor. Cool.

I added printing of reports to TransProCalc,
but, only for Linux (via lpr command).
Windows and Mac user will now have a shiny, useless print button…w00t.
Now I just want to figure out how to save/re-open projects.
I think I need to learn something about xml for that.
I thought, maybe, I could just write all relevant variables to a text file and cat the file
to re-open the project, but I haven’t had that much time to look into that.
If I get that done, and round the darned financial figures, TPCalc will be complete, too.

I have an assignment for hacking, thanks to who has graciously
offered to mentor me in programming.
A few folks at have been quite helpful, too, plus,
Steve Ferg, the creater of easygui for python
(who gave me the * ** *** **** ***** assigment).

You know…I bet I could make TickleText post to LJ….
Hmmmm…that would be cool.
Then I could use it to hack, edit configs, write web pages and css, AND, post to LJ.
If it would just make a pot of Pilão and cook me a broccoli and mushroom omelette, about now, it would be my best friend!
Oh, and I need to figure out something about UTF text encoding, or something, because when I put characters such as
à ö û é ç, etc., into a web page I write with tickle, they don’t come out right when displaying the page.

I’ll learn. I can’t stop myself…


Written by tonybaldwin

February 28, 2008 at 9:19 am

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