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I wrote my own text editor.
It’s light, fast, and groOvy.


You can edit a wide variety of text files or scripts, including .txt, .py, .tcl, html, etc., of course, like any other text editor.
I wrote this entire page using Tickle Text!.
TickleText will run in Windows and Mac, but who cares?
Some of it’s functions only work in Linux, such as,
TickleText will call xterm, and will print via lpr.
If your eyes get tired of staring at a white background wil working on your files, TickleText has a nice feature:
You can change the backgroung color. Choices include seashell, tomato, orange, yellow, palegreen, lightblue, plum,
and, of course, plain, old white.
TickleText has an external program launcher, so you can launch a browser to check html files you are editing,
or open another terminal, or launch kshisen and take a break…whatever you like.
Oh, and, of course, it’s FREE (as in beer and speech).


Written by tonybaldwin

February 26, 2008 at 10:12 am

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